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Alvin - Cute Skinny Teen Boy at - Alvin

Young but really confident, this handsome blonde knows he has a body that would drive anyone crazy. The teen takes his time while undressing, slowly pulling his t-shirt off and twisting it around his neck before moving on to his jeans and lastly his tight briefs. As soon as he’s nude, he rubs hands all over his pale, sensitive body then takes a fist to his turgid member. He fucks his hand while pinching his nipples, and it isn’t long before he’s shooting streams of milky white cum all over his flat stomach.




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Sven Laarson & Yuri Adamov - Staxus RAW - Free Photos Gallery

Staxus Raw - Sven Laarson - Yuri Adamov

Staxus - Raw: Sexy Locker-Room Jock-Play Gets Two Well-Horned Beauties Ready To Fuck Raw & Jizz Big Time!

Actor: Sven Laarson (Czech) & Yuri Adamov (Russian)

Blond beauty, Sven Laarson, is a canny young thing. After all, he seems to know instinctively how to get his locker-room buddy, Yuri Adamov, in the mood for some hardcore action – and it involves nothing more than a new pair of pants. Okay, so they’re not exactly your everyday kind of underwear; but just slipping into them quickly gets Adamov into a highly charged state, and Laarson makes the most of it straightaway by promptly rimming his mate’s exposed ass-hole!

Unsurprisingly, this rather impromptu introduction gets the dark-haired cutie into an even more aroused condition than before; and it’s not at all long before both youngsters are taking turns at slurping on each other’s thick, uncut boners for all they’re worth. Adamov, in particular, is clearly feeling the urge for meat big time, feasting on the full length of Laarson’s ramrod; before Laarson returns to what appears to be his favourite pastime and gives his pal’s pucker yet another generous tonguing.

All this, however, is merely a preparation for the hard fuck that we all know by this stage is very much on the cards for Adamov’s hole; and it comes as no surprise at all to see Laarson bundle the hot, horny bottom over a massage table in order to mount that tight, quivering ass! What’s more, the nature of Adamov’s new jocks is such that he doesn’t even have to take them off to get buggered – though by the time he’s ready to shoot they’ve long since disappeared. Still, at least that means there’s no danger of them getting soiled when Laarson rewards Adamov with a creamy, full-on facial!
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Johny Cruz & Lloyd Goldwyn - Staxus Monster Cocks - Free Photos Gallery

Staxus MonsterCocks

Johny Cruz Rides Every Thick, Fat, Uncut Inch Of Dominican Dick & Laps Up Every Last Drop Of Spunk!

Actor: Johny Cruz & Lloyd Goldwyn

It’s pretty obvious from the off that the ever-horny Johny Cruz has a certain soft spot for Lloyd Goldwyn – or maybe a hard spot would be a better description? – but it’s not exactly difficult to appreciate why. Particularly when the two fellows head inside after a poolside massage session and quickly engage in some clearly much-needed “getting to know you” time. Which in this instance involves heavy smooching and (in Cruz’s case at least) whipping that monster dick of Goldwyn’s out into the open. Indeed, let’s not beat about the bush here, whilst the native Dominican is far from being an unattractive guy, it’s the oversized ramrod that he keeps stuffed inside his trunks that is by far his most noteworthy feature.

A fact that obviously hasn’t escaped the attention of his over-sexed German companion, who immediately knuckles down to the task of feasting on every fabulous inch that his crotch has to offer. Indeed, if you were going to define cock-worship then Cruz’s adoration of Goldwyn’s butt-picker would arguably be a very demonstrative definition. The boy quite literally makes that fat, engorged shaft the centre of his universe, teasing and caressing every last centimetre of man-flesh that Goldwyn has to offer; and it comes as no surprise whatsoever when he tops the said adoration off by eagerly parting his legs and taking every butt-bustin’ thrust that the stud can offer.

No question about it, this is a truly stupendous performance from a lad who has already proved his worth countless times over; culminating in him working every last drop from the black beast and lapping up all the sweet, sticky goo in the process. In short, five stars all round!
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